Tamagotchi Connection Cheats

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi Connection Cheats

Cheat mode:
The following cheats rely on the infrared connection/communication feature. You will need two Tamagotchis. Refer to them as Tama1 and the other Tama2. Both Tamagotchis must be at least two days old to use the infrared connection. You can give or receive presents, play pop the balloon, or play an eating contest when you use the infrared connection. What the two Tamagotchis do depends on what order you select the Connection/Communication button (the heart symbol at top right hand corner of the Tamagotchi screen) and proceed.

For a Tamagotchi to receive a present, Tama1 and Tama2 both need to select the heart at the same time. Then, either Tama1 or Tama2 (the one that will receive the present) must press B at the “stand by” screen.

To have a food eating contest, Tama1 must select the heart, then Tama2 must select the heart, then Tama1 must press B button at the “stand by” screen.

To have a balloon popping contest, Tama1 and Tama2 both need to select the heart at the same time. Then Tama1 and Tama2 both must press B button at the “stand by” screen at the same time.

Debug mode:
Remove the screws from your Tamagotchi. You will then see four smaller screws in each corner. Remove those screws as well. Take your Tamagochi apart, and remove the battery at the left hand corner. Where the battery was, you will notice a word that reads “DEBUG”. Underneath that there will be a semicircle. With a pointed object such as a pencil, depress the semicircle eight times. Put your Tamagotchi back together. Reset it, and you will now get to choose your characters, do hyper speed, and other debug functions.

Get a boy:
Press B, B, A, A, C, C, B, B, A, A, C, C then download it. It will turn into a boy.

To reset your Tamagotchi when it is dead, press A + C.

Press A + B to pause the Tamagotchi. Note: This will not pause your clock, but it will stop your Tamagotchi from growing.

Choose any Tamagotchi:
Take off the back panel to where the battery is located, then unscrew the rest off. You will see the chip. You wi ll see a small circle with a line in the middle next to a gray thing standing up. Use a pencil to depress the circle, then reassemble it. Turn it on and press Restart. The egg will shake very quickly. Continue from there and when the egg hatches and says what it is, keep pressing the one on the far left until you get to the character you want.

Hint: Determining sleep and wake times:
Remember the time when you get a new Tamagotchi, for example, 8:07. That will be the time your Tamagotchi wakes up and goes to sleep.

Hint: Waking up Tamagotchis:
Turn over the game and press Reset. Then, press the Middle Button and go to download. Once it is downloaded, your Tamagotchi will be awake.
Information in this section was contributed by GdGollyMsDolly.

Press B, then press A + C. Then, press B(2), A until you get to 11:00 a.m. Next, press B(3) and your Tamagotchi will be awake.
Information in this section was contributed by Bballbabe3394.

Hint: Easy wins in Bumps:
Give your Tamagotchi seven (if it is a girl) or eight (if it is a boy) time outs. The opponents in Bumps are now easier to defeat until level 4.
Information in this section was contributed by Taspia Wahid.

To win a round out but you must have at least one training square.
Information in this section was contributed by Hot Chocolate and Jde.

Hint: Evolve your Tamagotchi faster:
To evolve your Tamagotchi faster, change the time to the time that your Tamagotchi came alive. Then, change the date to the next day. Your Tamagotchi will evolve.

To make your Tamagotchi evolve quicker, play lots of games.

Hint: Evolve rare Tamagotchi:
Make two to four of the Happy Lover Hearts go away. Then make them go up by playing games. It will go into a rare Tamagotchi.

Hint: Get your Tamagotchi back when it dies:
Wait until the screen where it shows the Tamagotchi going appears. Then, hold A + C. Then when the egg appears, press B.

Hint: Keep Tamagotchi after battery dies:
Remove the back cover, take the battery out, and you will have about 30 seconds to put the new one in. Put the cover back on then an egg will appear. Press B and then download. You will have all of your things back.

Hint: Get older faster:
Play jump four times in a row then play bump four times in a row. Note: This only works when your Tama is a child, teen, and adult.

Hint: Get your Tamagotchi to sleep with its toy:
Give your Tamagotchi the doll (if it is a girl) or the action figure (if it is a boy ) to play with each day. When your Tamagotchi goes to sleep, it will sleep with it.

Hint: Get your Tamagotchi to sleep longer:
To make your Tamagotchi sleep longer, turn off the lights when it goes to bed.

Hint: Get your Tamagotchi to lose weight:
If your Tamagotchi is getting overweight, play one of the games to lose a few pounds.

Hint: Get your Tamagotchi to play a game:
If you try to get your pet to play a game and it refuses, try giving it a snack. The number of snacks you give it is how many times you play the games. Do not overfeed it with snacks or it will get a toothache.

Hint: Get your Tamagotchi to play Hide And Seek:
Set the time to 3:45 p.m. and wait one minute. Your Tamagotchi will play Hide And Seek.

Hint: Get Tamagotchis to like each other more:
Always select V1 on connection and they will like each other more.

Hint: Get Tamagotchi to love another:
Buy a Love Potion from the shop and drink it. Your Tamagotchi will start to think about love. Choose another Tamagotchi to connect with, and connect with him or her. Make sure their Tamagotchi goes into your Tamagotchi. Your Tamagotchi will kiss the other Tamagotchi regardless of gender. When their Tamagotchi goes back, check your friends list. Go to the friend you just connected with and press B (the middle button) twice. You should have four hearts in a line along the bottom, indicated that your Tamagotchi loves them.

Hint: Make your Tamagotchi happier:
If you feed your Tamagotchi a treat, it will make it happier by two hearts. Be careful; a treat will make it weigh one more pound. A snack will make it weigh two pounds more, but will also make one heart in happiness full. A meal will make it weigh one more pound and also make it one less hungry.

Hint:-Get a Tamagotchi baby:
Connect with a Tamagotchi that is the opposite gender of your own. Both must to be 4 or over .You must use the Love Potion once. As soon as they kiss on one Tamagotchi, buy it again for 3000p.Connect again and if it shakes its head, then it will have a baby.

Hint: Guaranteed Match Maker partner:
When the Match Maker arrives, press A. The screen will display “Yes” or “No”. Select “Yes”, which will guarantee you a partner.

Hint: Earn double training points:
When your Tamagotchi wants attention, and is mad or angry then praise. It will become happy and will get another point. To earn double, when it wants attention but it is not angry, sad, or mad; then punish it. It will make a noise and will become mad, but it will get more training.

Hint: Traning:
If the Tamagotchi is laughing, punish it. You will now have another training square.

Hint: Earn more points.:
To earn more points on your Tamagotchi, play slot and put the bet on “9”. If you get all circles, you will receive 900 points. The highest amount of points you can get is 9,999.

Go to the shop and buy a Pogo Hotdog to get 2 free training points.

Hint: Always win:
When you Tamagotchi is an egg and hatches, get someone to connect. Tell them to press the Right Button or Left Button. This will only work if that person is new to a Tamagotchi. You should press the Middle Button.

Hint: Christmas present:
Set the date to December 24 and time to 10:29. Wait for one minute, then Santa will appear and transform into a present.

Hint: Christmas tree:
Set the date to December 25 to see a Christmas tree.

Hint: Pumpkin:
Set the date to October 31 and a pumpkin will appear on screen.

Hint: Backpack:
Set the date close to September and a backpack will be worn.

Hint: Cape:
When you have the butterfly Tamagotchi, use the cape. It will turn into a different character for a little while.

Hint: Fireworks:
Set the date to your birthday at 5:49 p.m. Wait one minute, then fireworks will go off and a big cake will appear.

Hint: Transformation:
If you connect when your Tamagotchi is a butterfly and you play tug-a-war, your butterfly will turn into a Tamagotchi that has flowers on its ears.

Hint: Black blob appearance:
If your Tamagotchi connects with a version two which is not a baby in your friends list, it will look like a random black blob wearing a white hat.

Hint: Being a good caretaker:
If you want to be a good caretaker, keep a diary of your Tamagotchi’s adventures and try to improve your “parenting” of it. You will learn to be a good Tama parent.

here are some cheats for tamagotchi

In the unlock section, type the following:  apple pie – 1359678841 Beefsteak – 0265745901 Blue sofa and desk – 5973098764 Chips – 9463780207 Donuts – 6487792064 Hamburger – 4957050328 hotdog – 1678405478 pizza – 5449149607 popcorn – 9702643570 Taco – 3705468902


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