tamagotchi hints

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Tamagotchi
Did you find a secret code?
At the shop counter screen, press (A).
Then, press (A) quickly three times. When
the shop owner’s face appears surprised, punch in
the secret code to reveal a new item.
[Note: A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button]

1. BBCA CCCA= Pen= 15,000gp
2. ACAB ACAC= Steak= 1,400gp
3. BAAB ACBA= !! (clone)= 14,000gp
4. CCBA AABB= Honey (love potion)= 7,000gp
5. CAAA BACB= CD3= 0gp

I found the cell phone number to the Turtle teacher -the one who arrives usually at the teen stage, gives you three presents, one has 3 Int. Skill Points in it, the other two poop -it is pretty cool!

Number: (press these buttons carefully)


  1. Katie says:

    Your information helped alot! everything you told me was exactly what I needed to find out. Every other website said “just look on your guitar pick and it has the cde” which did not answer my question. you did! 🙂

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