Tamagotchi Codes V6 2

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Tamagotchi

Computer: 07900 43698.

Statue Of Liberty: 07700 43999.

Karaoke machine:07001 43498.

Credit card: 07900 43597.

Chinese fan: 07700 43797.

Space Shuttle:07800 43192.

Airplane ticket:07900 43193.

Store Cheats:
CBACCABC/cuckoo clock
AABBCACB/race car #2
CACABABC/ stuffed animal
ACBBBACC/ hair gel
BCBCCABA/love potion
Password Cheats:
63532 86367/ pen
32479 91490/ clone

  1. dunno? says:

    where do we type this in

  2. gameboying says:

    go to the shop press the a button and then type in the code
    hope this information helps

  3. Nadim says:

    is this for v6

  4. katie says:

    hey whats up all

  5. Nidal says:

    where do u write this information?
    And are there any more cheats

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