Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Tamagotchi
  • Completion bonusesSuccessfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the cheat menu and Arcade mode. The cheat menu can be found at the options menu while playing the game.
  • Cheat optionsCollect the indicated number of Intel pieces (enemy laptop computers) hidden throughout the game to unlock the corresponding cheat option:
      COD Noir: 2 Intel pieces. Turns graphics black and white.

      Photo-Negative: 4 Intel pieces. Inverts the colors.

      Super Contrast: 6 Intel pieces. Increases the contrast.

      Ragtime Warfare: 8 Intel pieces. Silent Movie mode; graphics are black and white, dust and scratches fill the screen, game plays at two times the speed, and the music becomes piano music.

      Cluster Bombs: 10 Intel pieces. Frag grenades are more powerful.

      A Bad Year: 15 Intel pieces. Enemies explode into tires when shot.

      Slow-Mo Ability: 20 Intel pieces. Slow motion game play.

      Infinite Ammo: 30 Intel pieces.

  • Mile High Club missionSuccessfully complete Story mode on any difficulty, and watch the entire credits to unlock the Mile High Club mission.
  • Prestige modeReach level 55 to unlock Prestige mode. This is a multiplayer only mode that starts you back at level 1. You can repeat this ten more times.
  • Golden weaponsSuccessfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding golden weapon camouflage. Note: The golden version of the weapons does not boost any attributes and is just purely cosmetic.
      Golden Ak-47: Successfully complete all Assault Rifle challenges.
      Golden Desert Eagle: Reach level 55.
      Golden Dragonuv: Successfully complete all Sniper challenges.
      Golden M1014: Successfully complete all Shotgun challenges.
      Golden M60: Successfully complete all LMG challenges.
      Golden Mini-Uzi: Successfully complete all SMG challenges.


  • Rank bonusesReach the indicated rank in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding bonus:


      Level 1: All starting equipment
      Level 2: Demolitions Class Weapon Class
      Level 3: Sniper Class Weapon Class

    Lance Corporal

      Level 4: Create a Class
      Level 5: Gun Challenges
      Level 6: New playlists


      Level 7: M21 Sniper Rifle
      Level 8: Last Stand Perk Class 3
      Level 9: Boot Camp Challenges 1


      Level 10: M4 Carbine Assault Rifle
      Level 11: UAV Jammer Perk Class 2
      Level 12: Clan Tag

    Staff Sergeant

      Level 13: Mini Uzi Submachine Gun
      Level 14: Bomb Squad Perk Class 1
      Level 15: Boot Camp Challenges 2

    Gunnery Sergeant

      Level 16: M1911 Pistol
      Level 17: Martyrdom Perk Class 2
      Level 18: Boot Camp Challenges 3

    Master Sergeant

      Level 19: M60E4 Light Machine Gun
      Level 20: Sleight of Hand Perk Class 2
      Level 21: Operations Challenges

    Master Gunnery Sergeant

      Level 22: Dragunov Sniper Rifle
      Level 23: Claymore Perk Class 1
      Level 24: Operations Challenges 2

    2nd Lieutenant

      Level 25: G3 Assault Rifle
      Level 26: Iron Lungs Perk Class 3
      Level 27: Operations Challenges 3

    1st Lieutenant

      Level 28: AK-74U Submachine Gun
      Level 29: Double Tab Perk Class 2
      Level 30: Killer Challenges


      Level 31: M1014 Shotgun
      Level 32: Bandolier Perk Class 1
      Level 33: Killer Challenges 2


      Level 34: R700 Sniper Rifle
      Level 35: Eavesdrop Perk Class 3
      Level 36: Killer Challenges 3

    Lieutenant Colonel

      Level 37: G36C Assault Rifle
      Level 38: Overkill Perk Class 2
      Level 39: Killer Challenges 4


      Level 40: P90 Submachine Gun
      Level 41: Frag x3 Perk Class 1
      Level 42: Humiliation Challenges

    Brigadier General

      Level 43: Desert Eagle Pistol
      Level 44: Dead Silence Perk Class 3
      Level 45: Humiliation Challenges 2

    Major General

      Level 46: M14 Assault Rifle
      Level 47: Humiliation Challenges 3
      Level 48: Humiliation Challenges 4

    Lieutenant General

      Level 49: Barret Sniper Rifle
      Level 50: Humiliation Challenges 5
      Level 51: Elite Challenges


      Level 52: MP44 Assault Rifle
      Level 53: Elite Challenges 2
      Level 54: Elite Challenges 3
      Level 55: Commander Prestige Mode and Golden Desert Eagle


  • Intel locationsThe Intel pieces can be found in the following missions. There are a total of thirty Intel pieces.
      Mission 2: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 4: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 5: 3 Intel pieces
      Mission 6: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 7: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 9: 3 Intel pieces
      Mission 10: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 12: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 13: 3 Intel pieces
      Mission 14: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 16: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 17: 1 Intel pieces
      Mission 18: 2 Intel pieces
      Mission 19: 2 Intel pieces
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