Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (XBOX 360)

Posted: February 20, 2010 in gaming, Uncategorized
$250,000, Full Armor and Full Health
Add Stars to Wanted Level
Aggressive Drivers
Aggressive Traffic
All Cars Have Nitrous
All Cars have Tank Properties
All Traffic are Junk Cars
All Vehicles are Invisible
Always Midnight
Andrenaline Mode
Becoming Hancock
Better Suspension
Break Altitude Barrier
Cars Can Fly
Cars Drive on Water
Cars Fly Away When Hit
Chaos Mode
Click Left Thumb Stick to Make Cars Jump
Cloudy LB
Destroy All Cars
Faster Clock
Faster Gameplay
Flying Boats
Foggy RB
Full Weapon Aiming While Driving
Gang Riots
Hitman Rank (All Weapons)
Increase Car Speed
Infinite Ammo
Infinite Health
Infinite Lung Air
Instant Death
Killer Clown Mode
Lock Wanted Level
Lock Wanted Level
Lower Wanted Level
Max Fat
Max Muscle
Max Respect
Max Vehicle Stats
Morning RB
Never Hungry
No Cops
No Pedestrians / Low Traffic
Noon RB
Orange Sky
Pedestrian Attack
Pedestrian Riot Mode
Pedestrian Weapons
Pedestrians Are Elvis
Pedestrians Attack with Guns
Perfect Handling in Vehicles
Pimp Mode #1
Pimp Mode #2
Pink Traffic
RB Traffic
Raise Wanted Level
Recruit Anyone (9mm)
Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
Slow Down Game Play
Slow Motion
Spawn Caddy
Spawn Dozer
Spawn Dozer RB
Spawn Hotring Racer #1
Spawn Hotring Racer #2
Spawn Hunter
Spawn Hydra
Spawn Jetpack
Spawn Monster
Spawn Quadbike
Spawn Rancher
Spawn Rhino
Spawn Stretch RB
Spawn Stunt Plane
Spawn Tanker
Spawn Vortex
Sports Car Traffic
Stormy RB
Super Bike Jumps
Super Jumps
Super Punches
Traffic Lights Stay Green
Train on 3rd Island
Unlock Romero
Unlock Trashmaster
Vehicle of Death
Wanted Level Never Increases
Weapon Set 1
Weapon Set 2
Weapon Set 3
Yakuza Mode
  1. bilt says:

    Really useful, thanks.

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