Halo reach Beta Hints and codes!

Posted: May 24, 2010 in gaming, Halo, New, Rated M, Uncategorized, xbox360

Halo Reach hints,cheats ,codes

(Unconfirmed) If you don’t want to take fall damage off a high jump, crouch three thirds of the way through it and (usually) you will not take damage.

Hint: Faster Melee

(Unconfirmed) In the Reach Beta you can perform a reload/melee trick straight out of Halo 2: Press RB then quickly press X + RB. You have to hit X and RB at nearly the same time to do the trick.

(Beta) Unlockable: Halo: Reach Avatar Hoodie

Anyone who logs in and plays at least one full game of any type in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta will receive a Halo: Reach Avatar hoodie via the Halo Waypoint portal on Xbox LIVE. Players must access Halo Waypoint and browse their “Halo” Career statistics after completing a match.

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