tiger woods Pga tour 2004 cheat codes / hints

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Tiger woods pga tour 2004 cheat codes / hints

12 06 2010

Long Drive Challenge Trophy Ball Hit a drive 350 yards or longer.
Long Putt Challenge Trophy Ball Sink a 55 foot or longer putt.
Fairway Challenge Trophy Ball Hit all the fairways in a round.
G.I.R Challenge Trophy Ball Hit all greens in regulation in a round.
Pin Seeker Trophy Ball Hit the pin (flagstick).
Aces Wild Trophy Ball Get a hole in one.
Chip-In Challenge Trophy Ball Hit the ball in the hole from 30 feet or longer.
Low Round Trophy Ball Get a score of 60 or lower in a round.
Birdie Streak Trophy Ball Get 6 birdies (or better) in a row.
Birdie Buster Trophy Ball Get 12 birdies (or better) in a round.
Back to Back Eagle Trophy Ball Get 2 eagles in a row.
Eagle Extravaganza Trophy Ball Get 4 eagles in a round.
Top of the Tournaments Trophy Ball Get 1st place in all tournaments (doesn’t have to be in same year)
World Tour Trophy Ball Complete the World Tour
Eagle Hunt Eagle every par five in thte game.
Password Effect
THEKITCHENSINK Unlock All Courses and Golfers
ALLTHETRACKS Unlock All Courses
4REDSHIRTS Unlock Sunday Tiger
ACEINTHEHOLE Unlock Ace Andrews
CANYOUPICKONE Unlock All Golfers
DISCOKING Unlock Dominic “The Don” Donatello
EMERALDCHAMP Unlock Takeharu “Tsunami” Moto
DWILBY UnlockHamish “Mulligan” MeGregor
SHORTGAME Unlock Solita Lopez
THENEWLEFTY Unlock “Yosh” Tanigawa
CEDDYBEAR Unlock Cedric The Entertainer
DTBROWN Unlock Downtown Brown
EDDIE Unlock Edwin “Pops” Masterson
ERUPTION Unlock Moa “Big Mo” Ta’a Vatu
BEVERLYHILLS Unlock Val Summers
ICYONE Unlock Erica Ice
SHERWOOD TARGET Unlock Sherwood Targets 3 Holes
TRAVELER Unlocks Natalie Gulb

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