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It’s the first Friday of the month and Club Penguin fans know what that means: there’s a brand-new issue of Club Penguin Style, the clothing catalog for Club Penguin available in the Gift Shop in Club Penguin. Every month, new items are introduced and the theme for this month centers around the upcoming Club Penguin Play Awards, which begin on March 19. You’ll find lots of fancy outfits that your penguin can wear to the awards. And just as always, there are plenty of Club Penguin cheats and hidden items lying around inside the pages. Here’s a guide to all of the hidden items for this issue.

Top Hat

Click on the stack of white coffee cups on the left side to get the black Top Hat, which costs 350 coins.

Dazzling Blue Top Hat

Need something with a little more style and flair than a plain old black top hat? Click on the bottled water to get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat, which costs 475 coins.

Dazzling Blue Tux

The dazzling blue outfit isn’t complete without the Dazzling Blue Tux. Click on the light atop the TV camera to find it. It costs 850 coins to purchase.

Brunette Wig and Purple Spring Dress

Both of these items are found by clicking on the top of the tree to the left.

Pastel Suede Jacket

Click on the snowy peak of the mountain in the background to get the Pastel Suede Jacket, which costs 700 coins.

Pom Pom Scarf

The Pom Pom Scarf is yours if you click on the top of the tree bending in from the right. It costs a mere 250 coins to buy.

Jade Necklace

The snowman on the left is wearing a top hat. Click on it to reveal the Jade Necklace, which will cost you 200 coins to purchase.

Pink Snorkel

The pink snorkel can be found by clicking on the snowman’s carrot nose. It costs 200 coins to buy.

Pink Flippers

You can have the pink flippers as well if you click on the snowy mountain peak on the right side of the page. The flippers cost 200 coins.

Red Viking Helmet

Don’t worry! The Red Viking Helmet has returned as always. Now it can be found by clicking on the bubble in the middle of the page where the SCUBA gear is for sale. The Red Viking Helmet costs 750 coins.

Blue Viking Helmet

Click on the red viking helmet to close the window and then repeat the process three times. The Blue Viking Helmet will appear. It costs 1200 coins to purchase.

Long Johns

The red long johns can be yours if you click on the snowy treetop on the left. The long johns can be purchased for 350 coins.

Musical Instruments

There are a few musical instruments half-hidden inside the tree in the middle of the pages. Click on each of them to buy them.

That is all for this issue of Club Penguin Style. There were some good items this month!

Rockhopper‘s ship, the Migrator, arrived today at the beach in Club Penguin. As always, he brought some rare items with him for sale to members and one free item for everyone. The rare items include some really old stuff, like the Admiral’s Hat and Admiral’s Coat. The hat hasn’t been seen for about four years! It’s a great chance for newer penguins to get their flippers on some really cool old items. The free item is pretty new, though. It’s the Hidden Treasure Background that was given out just a few weeks ago in the underground mine.

Rockhopper's rare items for March 2010Rockhopper’s Rare Items for March 2010

Of course, Rockhopper is also wandering around the island and you can try to locate him by using this Rockhopper Tracker. His disappearance may be linked to the sudden appearance of puffles inside the underground caves where Rory and the construction crew are working. Maybe there’s a secret puffle convention going on!

The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times, the official newspaper of Club Penguin, has a story about the Underground Caves, which appeared in the Mine several weeks ago. The caves were closed after a special event for construction but are due to open again soon. In the newspaper, Rory the construction penguin mentions that puffles have been seen entering the caves early. He notes that he saw a green puffle sneak into the opening. So this means that something is going on with puffles and the underground caves. Can’t wait to see what it will turn out to be! Got any theories of your own? Leave a comment below, or come join the forums and share them!

As most people know, Rockhopper is due to arrive tonight on the island. As you can see from the Beacon telescope, his ship, the Migrator, is getting very close.

Rockhopper's Migrator gets close

In today’s issue of the Club Penguin Times, Rockhopper says that Yarr, the red puffle who is his best friend and first mate, is missing. The article in the newspaper says that Yarr disappeared the moment they landed on the island and that he needs help from everyone to try and find him. He’s calling it the greatest hide-and-seek game ever. So it sounds like you’ll be able to meet/spot Yarr on the island. I hope that they turn him into a “celebrity” like they have done in the past with Rockhopper, Gary, Aunt Arctic, and others.

The only weird thing is that the newspaper mentions Rockhopper and Yarr landing on the beach, but that hasn’t really happened yet. Usually, Rockhopper arrives for his visits at 12 am ET on Friday morning (9 pm PT Thursday night). Lately, Club Penguin has been making changes a little earlier on Thursdays than normal and hopefully because the newspaper talks about all this as though Rockhopper has in fact already landed, maybe they will make this change sooner.

And don’t forget that once they land, Rockhopper will be wandering the island, saying hello and searching for Yarr. Check out the Rockhopper Tracker for help in finding him.

Rockhopper Returning Again

Thumbnail image for Rockhopper Returning AgainEveryone’s favorite penguin pirate, Captain Rockhopper, will be returning to the island again very soon. He’s due to arrive on March 5 and if you take a look in the telescope up at the beacon, you’ll spot the Migrator, his ship, on the horizon as it makes its way from Rockhopper Island over to Club […]

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Club Penguin Mission 11 – Another Delay

Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Mission 11 – Another DelayWell, Club Penguin is trying to pass this off as “a new mission update” but the news is really that we all have to wait longer–a lot longer for Mission 11. There is a new blog post on the main Club Penguin blog and it provides a new sketch, but what it’s really saying is […]

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Club Penguin Wagon Pin

Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Wagon PinThe newest pin has arrived in Club Penguin. It is the wagon pin and you’ll find it inside the ski lodge, over on the mantle of the fireplace. It’s a little green wagon and it’s here to help celebrate the arrival of orange puffles in Club Penguin. The wagon is one of two favorite toys […]

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Club Penguin Orange Puffles

Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Orange PufflesOrange Puffles have finally arrived for adoption at the Pet Shop in Club Penguin. Members can purchase them for 800 coins. The orange puffles are listed as being zany and curious. Their favorite toys are boxes and wagons. That explains why one of them showed up recently in the Box Dimension. Also, it’s said that […]

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Club Penguin Orange Puffle Sighting at the Ski Village

Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Orange Puffle Sighting at the Ski VillageIf you can get at least ten penguins to turn orange and converge at the Ski Village in Club Penguin, you’ll have a chance to spot the orange puffle. Once there are ten orange penguins in the area, he’ll appear on the ski lift and start riding up and down. The Club Penguin Times has […]

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Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Guide

Thumbnail image for Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 GuideHey everyone, by now you’ve probably checked out the Puffle Party on Club Penguin for 2010. There’s a lot to see and do at the party including some good free items, Club Penguin cheats, and some neat surprises. Here’s a complete guide to this year’s exciting puffle party.

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Club Penguin Cheats

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Club Penguin

Club Penguin released a new sneak peek. It shows a sneak peek of the Battle Arena in Club Penguin. Here’s a sneak peek of the Battle Arena:

battle arena

The new ninja game is coming really soon! It’s going to be a member’s only journey for ninjas. What do you think about the ninja journey?

Club Penguin November 2009 Penguin Style Cheats

Cranicar | November 6th, 2009

The Penguin Style catalog for October is out. It has tons of cool winter clothing. Here are the hidden item cheats:

Here’s how to find The Dizzy:

1. Go to the third page of the catalog.
2. Click the white puffle on the right.

the dizzy cheat

Here’s how to find the Red Viking Helmet:

1. Go to fourth page of the catalog.
2. Click the Dojo located near the cloud.

red viking helmet cheat

Here’s how to find the Blue Viking Helmet:

1. Go to the fourth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Open and close the Viking Helmet four times.

blue viking helmet cheat

Here’s how to find the Black Cape:

1. Go to page fifth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the smallest mushroom on the right.

back cape cheat

Here’s how to find the Black Superhero Mask:

1. Go to the sixth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the word “WORK” in the top left.

back superhero mask cheat

Here’s how to find the Black Bowtie:

1. Go to the seventh page of the catalog.
2. Click on the letter “N” in the title “Clearance”.

back bowtie cheat

Congratulations! You have found all of the hidden items in the November 2009 Penguin Style Catalog.

Club Penguin Ninja Amulet Cheat

Cranicar | November 2nd, 2009

Several updates have occurred around Club Penguin. Firstly, the storm is beginning to leave, and the volcano still continues to smoke. Secondly, the Dojo Courtyard has been updated. You can become a blacksmith, and help build the ninja amulet at the Dojo Courtyard.

ninja amulet

Here’s how to get the Goldsmith Apron:

1. Open up the Club Penguin Map.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Open up the Martial Artworks Catalog.
4. Buy the Goldsmith Apron.

goldsmith apron

Congratulations! You have bought the Goldsmith Apron, and have become a blacksmith.

Club Penguin Mission 11 Coming Soon

Stormy777 | November 1st, 2009

The Club Penguin team is currently working on a new mission. Some of you are wondering what’s keeping Herbert occupied these days, and what he’s got in store for the Penguin Secret Agency. I don’t want to give much away right now, but Club Penguin does want you to know that the team’s working on something big. For now, keep up the things you’re doing to keep Club Penguin safe. Here’s a sneak peek of the new mission:

club penguin mission 11

For EPF Agents, starting on Friday, make sure to check out the first wifi downloadable mission, The Puffle Pranksters, for the original Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force game for Nintendo DS. It’ll be the first time you see the white puffle on your DS, and it may even give you a few hints on what’s to come in Club Penguin.