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Need For Speed Most Wanted PS2 Cheat List

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Looking for Need For Speed Most Wanted cheat codes? Then look no further! ( Need For Speed Most Wanted cheat codes are here!) Here you will find the latest and most popular cheat codes, hints and tips for your PS2 games. Whatever you’re looking for, it can all be found here. Check back often to find more cheats for Need For Speed Most Wanted.

*POLICE RADIO CODES* (Need For Speed Most Wanted)

These codes are commonly used by the police. You should be aware of them of their meaning to know what to expect.
Information in this section was contributed by Atsuke.

10-4 Message received and understood.
10-39 PIT maneuver
10-44 Requesting Rhino (SUVs that ram head on to you)
10-45 Ram vehicle
10-59 Herding (police will attempt to lure you into another road)
10-65 Vehicle Box (police will attempt you trap you on all 4 sides while driving)
10-67 Spike strip
10-71 Requesting air support
10-73 Roadblock
10-75 Rolling roadblock
Code 1 Situation under control
Code 2 ASAP no lights or siren/ASAP lights, no siren
Code 3 Lights and siren
Action Replay MAX Cheat Codes

What is Action Replay? Answer Here

Nitro Never Decreases UCYV-A080-Z3P65 UEJ9-6P7Z-V4PKC
Speedbreaker Never Decreases UGAE-VVRC-DC59C UQV5-WME0-ADXC9
Infinite Cash W7CV-RUCC-88J4X 24CC-86QU-P6H0U
Max Bounty 7RUU-A9J1-TXCM7 YYNF-56JE-A76DM
Challenges Complete AVTR-JWH7-CVN0V E3NX-MFQK-8HY87 5K2W-1NYP-K8PJN 6B12-9PB0-DZFWF
All Cars/All Opponents Defeated E4NT-D9U8-3T4YT ZU31-GA8H-PZ4EZ
Bounty Increase *Need For Speed Most Wanted*

Description: You can raise your bounty as much as you want and complete that part of your milestones.
How to: Get in a pursuit and then find a ledge (ex. on top of the buses at the bus station) go as closes to the end of the buses away from the up ramp as possible without falling off and without a cop following you up the ramp. Then sit there and watch the cops go crazy. It’s better if your heat is 2 or up as the lower level cops will sometimes lose sight of you and you will cool off. At higher levels though the police will hover below you ramming into each other and everything else. This destroys their vehicles which in turn raises you bounty and length of your pursuit. You can sit there as long as you like but check behind you periodically just to make sure one of them hasn’t gotten smart enough to come up the ramp. The highest I’ve gotten off one pursuit is almost 6 million bounty.

Burger King Challenge

From the “Press Start” screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear stating that you have unlocked a “Special Challenge Event” will appear. From MAIN MENU, select the “Challenge Series” option. Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose #59, the Burger King Challenge. Complete the challenge to be able to use all Junkman parts on cars you have in “My Cars”. *** Before applying Junkman parts, press X in the performance parts place to get them as high as they can go, then apply Junkman to each part. By doing this, it gives better stat raises

Ford SYNTEC Car *Need For Speed Most Wanted*

How to unlock: Input LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN on the Press Start screen.

Porsche Cayman (Demo) Need For Speed Most Wanted

Press L1, R1(3), Right, Left, Right, Down at the main menu.

Ram SUV’S for $10,000 in CASH

PS2 Cheat by: Ryan
You need a good car and a good Nitro booster. Whenever you see an SUV coming at you, hit your nitrous and ram him head on. He should fly backward and explode, giving you $10,000.

Slip Locations Need For Speed Most Wanted

I went through and found out which marker combos you need to pick to get blacklist pink slips.

#15 SONNY Middle marker then any other one you choose
#14 TAZ Middle marker then any other one you choose
#13 VIC Middle marker then the left one
#12 IZZY Middle marker then any other one you choose
#11 BIG LOU Middle marker then any other one you choose
#10 BARON Middle marker then the left one
#09 EARL Middle marker then the left one
#08 JEWELS Middle marker then the left one
#07 KAZE Middle marker then the left one
#06 MING Middle marker then the left one
#05 WEBSTER Middle marker then the left one
#04 JV Middle marker then any other one you choose
#03 RONNIE Middle marker then the right one
#02 BULL Middle marker then the left one
#01 RAZOR Get all your milestones and race events complete to challenge razor and get your car back from him. Then out run police and finish the game
Straight Drivin’ (Need For Speed Most Wanted)

Engaging nitrous oxide shifts the weight of the car and in layman’s terms, your car will attempt to straighten out. Combined with speedbreaker, it is possible to take on almost any turn without an appreciable loss of speed.

Unknown (Demo) (Need For Speed Most Wanted)

Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Up, Down at the main menu.
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