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World Of Warcraft Cheats

Posted: August 11, 2009 in world of warcraft

/bind – Gives your current bind location.
/cast * – Allows you to cast spells by name.
/chat, /chathelp – Lists the chat commands.
/follow, /f – Causes your character to follow the selected player.
/ghelp – Lists the guild commands.
/party , /p – Sends a message to party chat.
/r – Sends a reply to the last person who sent you a tell.
/say , /s – Sends a message to people near you.
/who – Lists the players online.
/yell , /y – Yells a message to the area around you.
/em – Creates an emote. See Emotes for more info.
/played – Reports the amount of time you’ve played the game with that character./ginfo – Gives basic information about your guild
/g – Sends a chat message to all members of your guild
/o – Sends a chat message to all officers of your guild
/ginvite – invites another player to join your guild
/gremove – removes a player from your guild
/gpromote – promotes a player one rank within your guild
/gdemote – demotes a player one rank within your guild
/gmotd – sets the guild’s message of the day
/gquit – removes you from your guild
/groster – gives an entire guild roster
/gleader – sets another player as the guild master (guild master only)
/gdisband – disbands your guild (guild leader only)/#, /c, /csay – Send text to channel # (E.G. /1 Hello!)
/announcements, /ann – toggle join/leave announcements on a channel
/afk, /dnd – Set your Away From Keyboard or Do Not Disturb flags
/ban, /unban – ban/unban a player from a channel
/chatlist, /chatwho, /chatinfo [channel] – List channels, or channel members
/cinvite, /chatinvite – invite a player to a channel
/join, /channel, /chan – Join a channel
/kick – kick a player off a channel
/leave, /chatleave, /chatexit [channel] – Leave a channel (or all channels)
/mod, /moderator, /unmod, /unmoderator – change a player’s moderator status
/moderate – toggle moderation on a channel
/mute, /squelch, /unvoice, /unmute, /unsquelch, /voice – change a player’s permission
/password, /pass – Change password